- I've never worked with The Work Embassy before, tell me, how does it work?

First, we would like to know you better to get a better feeling of what kind of talent you are looking for. We would like to meet everyone who works at your restaurant/hotel/bar to really feel the vibe and understand the concept of your organisation. To us, this is key to find the best talents for you.

Once we have a detailed understanding of what kind of employee you are looking for, we will dive into our local and international network in order to find the best-talented match. Our selection method includes; questionnaires, Skype conversations and eventually a conversation between the potential candidate and employer. Only when we believe there is a match, we will proceed. You will meet the potential candidates through a Skype conversation in which you can get a good impression. After that conversation, you have the final decision about the candidates. In the whole process, you as the employer have the final say and can meet potential candidates beforehand.

- How long does it take before I have talent here in the Netherlands?

The whole process takes 4 up to 12 weeks. This depends on the job requirements, the available talent, housing and registration in the Netherlands.

- What are the requirements for me as an employer?

The entrepreneur provides a furnished living space that costs a maximum of 30% of the net salary. We can always forward you to potential estate agents.

An international mindset, you are aware that there are cultural differences between a Dutch employer and a non-dutchie. However, you as a hospitality owner/manager are open to these differences. In-house communication will be in English.

- Where will you advertise my job vacancy?

Your vacancy will be forwarded to our talent pool and it will be communicated through our local and international channels and networks (e.g. social media, exhibitions, culinary schools and local representatives).


- Where do you find the candidates?

Our reach for relevant candidates stretches all over Europe. Through our talent pool and selecting method, we are able to find the match that both parties are satisfied with. Our current Work Ambassadors originate from countries such as Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Spain.

- What roles do you recruit for?

We are a hospitality talent agency, we find matches within the hospitality sector. This means: bartenders, cooks, chefs, sous-chefs, waiters, servers, sommeliers, restaurant managers, pΓ’tissiers, bar managers, cocktail masters, mixologists, pastry chefs, bakers, grill masters to any other specialised hospitality job title out there. For any special request, you can always contact us.


- What are the costs?

Standard fees are outdated. We are able to work with special and unique requests and we will put the cost accordingly. Meaning that every search has its own unique circumstances that will determine the costs. All of this with the best price/quality ratio in mind.


- Why choose The Work Embassy to hire talent?

Our DNA is firmly rooted within the hospitality sector, all three of us have hands-on experience in the hospitality, so we are not your average recruiter. We speak the language of the business. And are able to understand the specific needs of the hospitality sector.

We thoroughly examibne all the candidates with questionnaires, knowledge/skill tests, language tests and personality test. We are only looking for the best talent out there. We investigate in the resume, contact former employers for the references and analyse culinary / hospitality degrees on their relevance.

By choosing The Work Embassy you outsource the hassle of screening all the applicants and additional proceedings. We will help the candidate with their new life in the Netherlands, arrange the registration at the municipality, help with opening a bank account and guide them through their home town. This way we save you valuable time, so you can focus on maintaining your organisation.

The Work Embassy is your choice because you value the quality of hospitality. You stand behind your concept and you want to strengthen your team. A multicultural workspace is seen by you in the most positive way which makes you ready for your next step as an organisation.

With our selection method, we are able to find specific candidates that meet you requirements and only if we believe there is a match, we will proceed.

- What happens if I am not satisfied with the person you recruit?

Even though we thoroughly screen and check our staff, there is always a small chance that you are not satisfied with your talent. In the off chance of this happening within the first month, we will always find somebody else for you.

- I still have some questions that I need answers to. How can I get in touch?

Of course we are happy to help with all your questions. Feel free to send a message to or through our other media channels.