Brand new restaurant in Utrecht (position filled)

Cooks wanted in Utrecht

A major player in the hospitality branch of the Netherlands is about to open a big new restaurant in the vibrant city centre of Utrecht. The new place to be, open 7 days a week, from morning till late in the evening. A broad selection of food will be served, from breakfast, sandwiches and soups till international fine dining and fruits de mer.

“sandwiches and soups till international fine dining and fruits de mer.”

Therefore, we are looking for (8) cooks willing to move to the Netherlands as soon as possible. We are looking for cooks with work experience in a kitchen or have a culinary degree. Some basic English skills are required. The restaurant offers a one-year contract with a monthly salary around +- 1600,00 (before tax) excluding additional tips. For the cooks housing in the city centre of Utrecht is part of the contract.

This makes it a unique opportunity for you to easily come and start working.

For this job a passport from EU/EEA or Switzerland is required. 

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“The restaurant offers a one-year contract”


What we offer you



One-year contract

Transport to Utrecht, NL

Support with your new life




Proficient in spoken English

Experience in the hospitality

An EU/EEA or Swiss passport or ID

Ready to work in Utrecht