Creative chef wanted

For a dope restaurant in Utrecht, we are looking for a creative chef, who is interested in international cuisine. You are a creative mastermind, oozing with ideas, concepts, flavours and above all new dishes.

You get your inspiration from any corner of the world, no boundaries, no limitations, just freaking good food! As the creative chef, you enjoy working with the head chef, to create next level dishes that wow people with every single bite. You mind works like an encyclopedia, pairing products like a jigsaw puzzle.

“Ensure the constant quality of your dishes”

You know that the preparation of the dishes you create always have to be explained thoroughly to the other chefs and to ensure the constant quality of those dishes you will work closely with them during service.

You love to work with fresh ingredients sourced locally but aren’t afraid to search for and work with unique ingredients all over the world if they give the dish that edge it needs. You will challenge yourself to use those ingredients and create the best street food Utrecht has ever seen.

This restaurant offers street food in a young modern decor, an international approach and the possibility to learn and grow. It is an ever-changing hub of awesome food, delicious wines, and amazing cocktails. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10 in the morning till late in the evening. Eating here should be a feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds. Together you will let the guests forget their busy lives and let them truly unwind in the restaurant and bar. It’s a place to come together casually and enjoy an array of flavours together.

TSFC - Interior Green room 16x9.jpg

“A young and modern decor”

TSFC Kitchen Crew 16x9.jpg

“If you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”

You like working in an semi-open kitchen because you are skilled in your craft and you love to show that to the guests. The current team consists of 25 cooks of various nationalities. All of them are hardworking culinary heroes to ensure the satisfaction of the daily 350 guests. Your motto is: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. Going through the stress and pressure with your team is what makes our jobs fun, right?

The street food that is served is mostly inspired by the Asian and South-American cuisine, however, they like to take their guests on flavour trips elsewhere in the world as well.

They serve a heavenly “all day brunch” menu. Guilty pleasures like Eggs Royale, fluffy banana pancakes and a street food basket are to die for. The healthy eater can indulge on avo smash on toast and several delicious salads. Don’t forget the homemade ice teas, freaky milkshakes, and good old espressos.

TSFC - Blue rice 16x9.jpg

“Inspired by asian…”

TSFC - Korean Pancake 16x9.jpg

“… and South-American cuisine”

Staff food is healthy, plentiful and always a good time to connect with colleagues and to prepare for the busy evening ahead. They even offer an amazing discount on a gym membership at the state-of-the-art gym across the street.


You live and breathe creativity, it is in your DNA. Hospitality is something you think of every day. You are a real team player. You possess a hands-on mentality. Challenging yourself comes naturally. Since they serve street food from across the globe, working with unknown products is a thing you love to do and you are flexible in terms of working hours. You have a great sense of humour (maybe a bit dark).


You have good English language skills (Dutch is a plus). You have experience in hotels and/or restaurants. You love everything that involves cooking, tasting and serving food in every way, shape or form. You’re open to learning new skills, dishes and sharing trade secrets. You have an enormous imagination on creating menus and have worldwide experience in creating them. You have knowledge of HACCP (hygiene code). You enjoyed education in hospitality and you are fun to be around!

Please take your time for your application, the more information you share the better.
Apply now for this awesome adventure down below!

What we offer you



One-year contract

Transport to Utrecht, NL

Support with your new life




Proficient in spoken English

Experience in the hospitality

An EU/EEA or Swiss passport or ID

Ready to work in Utrecht


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