Dealing with personnel shortage: 4 tips

This article has been translated from Dutch to English and is originally written and posted by Foodbrigade. Scroll down for the original link

Dealing with personnel shortage: 4 tips

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you are usually not a recruiter. Nevertheless, many hospitality businesses are looking for new employees. How do you avoid having a staff shortage or how do you find a new employee? Merijn Corneel Koops from The Work Embassy gives a few do’s and don’ts.

1. First invest in retaining employees

“It is a lot easier to retain your staff than to recruit new employees. Nowadays hospitality personnel can work everywhere they want. So make sure that your secondary employment conditions are good. Organise a drink or an occasional social party for everyone. Also, give your employees the freedom to decide how they schedule their work. Especially millennials attach a lot of value to this. An additional advantage to this: satisfied employees can work as your company ambassadors.”

2. Deploy your employees as a (social) ambassador

“So that your employees are happy and proud to work for you on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Their enthusiasm is infectious for potential employees. This is a way to make a brand of your hospitality business for your guests, but also for your employees.”

3. Do not get your hopes up too high on employment websites

Do you have a vacancy available? Nowadays young people hardly look at employment websites for new job opportunities. Especially when they are not actively looking for another job. Also, realise the important fact that there are more vacancies than there are job seekers. Therefore it is very difficult to stand out between all what is available.”

4. Dare to look across the border for personnel

“The Netherlands is not the only country where hospitality professionals can be found, a lot of great talents are waiting to be found across the border. I notice that many hospitality entrepreneurs haven’t considered the option to search across the border. Some even think it is too exciting because of its unfamiliarity. Besides the language and other cultural differences, I do not see much difference between a foreign candidate and a Dutch one. Maybe you will find better talent abroad than in the Netherlands. I helped applicants who already had a job in their own country but were looking for a new experience abroad.”